Wholesale Water Soluble CBD

Wholesale Water Soluble CBD

CBD in a water-soluble form is not an ordinary commodity. Many companies will even advertise their product as water-soluble CBD but leave customers disappointed when they find their CBD is not soluble in water.

A simple experiment will prove water and oils don’t mix, never have. Furthermore, the CBD oil itself carries a flavor most people find unpleasant. The oils themselves are not readily assimilated by the body either and also feature a dank odor.

CBD isolates, on the other hand, are water soluble. These isolates are in powder form and can be sprinkled on food or dissolved in warm water. In comparison with CBD oils, they are also very bio-available, which means their specific nutrients can be more readily absorbed into the body. A smaller dose of isolates carries a higher nutrient rate than a lower dosage of oils.

These CBD isolate products contain all the health benefits to the mind and body you will receive from regular CBD oils without the awful flavor and desperation to find a suitable carrier food. They also lack psychoactive properties that make THC such a scandal. This means you can take your CBD isolates without having to worry that you will lose focus and performance capacity when these capabilities are in such need.

Wholesale Water Soluble CBD

CBD, or cannabidiol, is just one of over 85 different cannabinoids which are derivatives of plants in the hemp family. THC is another famous member of the cannabinoids group, and each of them has a distinct way of interacting with the body’s cannabinoid receptors.

CBD, in particular, has been studied for its capacity to interfere with the production of certain neurotransmitters associated with the sensation of pain. CBD affects the cannabinoid receptors to ease chronic pain, calm the mind and improve focus.

CBD does not work to treat any of the underlying causes of chronic pain but can make the pain easier to cope with and can ease inflammation, which in itself can have lasting impact. Particularly in cases where the residual pain from old injuries causes the mind to use the pain as a protective instinct. This can reduce the painful feelings allowing you to regain motion and a more healthy aspect.

CBD is legal in all parts of the world, the only exception being Canada that still lists CBD on the same level as its psychoactive cousin THC. The UK also maintains some concerns about CBD and the legality of the cannabinoid.

Because there are no psychoactive properties to CBD it is legal for sale in the US and many CBD isolates can be found in products on the shelves of health stores in the UK. It is used in special balms, oils and more.

If you do choose to use CBD isolates for your health, you have several options for consuming this product. It can be mixed with e-liquids and inhaled; it can be mixed into food and also dissolved in warm water. Remember to only use hot water, as opposed to hot/boiling water. The isolates will lose their beneficial properties in boiling water.

The best results you will see from this type of supplementation will be in the long run. Focus and increased calm is an immediate benefit, but better health will come in time. You will notice that inflammation from long term injuries will drastically improve once you have begun taking your CBD isolates regularly.

Don’t forget that CBD oils are only facilitating your body’s restorative features and plenty of rest and recovery will be needed before you can live a life free of any old injuries. CBD oils can offer some relief to this healing process.

The best way to take CBD oils is with water-soluble isolates. You can find top-quality CBD solubles in our excellent selection of health products.