Why Medical Patients use Hash Oil instead of Cannabis

Why Medical Patients use Hash Oil instead of Cannabis

Today, many people suffering from medical illnesses and other debilitating conditions are benefiting from the therapeutic properties found in the marijuana plant. They are using marijuana in different forms instead of just smoking a marijuana cigarette. One such medicinal product made from the marijuana plant is hash oil.

Hash oil is made from the marijuana plant using a solvent such as isopropyl alcohol. The solvent is used to extract the hash oil from the rest of the plant. One way of extracting the oil is by grinding up the marijuana plant into a fine powder and pouring the solvent into the pipe with the marijuana. After the solid pieces are broken down by the solvent, the remaining liquid is strained and then left to allow for the evaporation of the remaining solvent. Once the solvent has been completely evaporated, the remaining liquid is known as the hash oil. Hash oil is a thick and gooey-like substance. This oil contains a higher percentage of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which is an important medicinal property.  Basically, the active drug ingredients are separated from the other substances in the marijuana plant. The color of hash oil varies from brown to white. The lighter the hash oil color the more potent it is.  Hash oil is sold for medicinal usage in 1 and 5 oz vials. Honey oil, the 2nd most potent form of hash oil, is a popular choice and is quite easy to make.

The THC content in hash oil can vary from 30% to 80% and has a much higher content than a regular marijuana cigarette. There are many different ways hash oil is consumed such as: putting it on a cigarette or marijuana cigarette, placing it in the inner rim of a pipe bowl, mixing it in food such as hash brownies and cakes, inhaling through a water vapour pipe off devices such as cigarette lighter, stove element, two heated knives…etc. It can also be added to E-Cigarette devices mixed with propylene glycol.

The result of ingesting hash oil is more potent high grade marijuana. This is benefical for people using it for medical reasons and who want to smoke less. People also use it for the following reasons:  they require more long lasting effects, their condition requires a more potent THC, and they want a safer drug. For instance, making hash oil separates ash, plant fibers, resins, and tars from the medicinal properties that are normally present when one smokes marijuana. This makes it healthier for the lungs. It also effectively decreases the amount of medication needed during therapeutic treatment and management due to its high concentration. It also makes it much less expensive as one is using less to get the maximum effect.

For thousands of years, marijuana has been used as an effective medicinal natural drug all over the world by people of many different cultures. There are many medicinal properties that help alleviate a variety of conditions. Hash oil  is one form of marijuana that is helping many people suffering from debilitating and distressing health conditions.